Zachary Sciberras

Senior Legal Counsel MGA - Malta Gaming Authority

Zachary Sciberras, a lawyer by profession, has formed part of the Malta Gaming Authority’s Legal and Enforcement team for over five years and currently occupies the role of Senior Legal Counsel. His main areas of work include representing and assisting the Authority in all of its judicial matters, providing the Authority and local government with legal advice on matters relating to the gaming regulatory framework, and administering the Authority’s general legal and enforcement affairs. Zachary has formed part of the International Masters of Gaming Law (IMGL) association since 2022.


Main Stage

IMGL MASTERCLASS - The Regulatory Audit: gli obiettivi della regolamentazione del gaming e come vengono raggiunti

  • Ben Haden, Director, Research and Statistics at UK Gambling Commission, President IAGR
  • Zachary Sciberras, Senior Legal Counsel MGA - Malta Gaming Authority
  • Jochen Biewer, Managing Director <​Chevron> Group
  • Luca Turchi, Dir. Ufficio Controllo Giochi della Direzione Giochi, Agenzia Dogane e Monopoli
  • MODERA: Quirino Mancini, Equity Partner Tonucci&Partners, President IMGL